Project Graduation

Class of 2003 - Photo courtesy of O'Neill Photographic
Photo courtesy of O'Neill Photographic

  • Parent & Senior Meeting Dates:
  • June 6 and June 7

Project Graduation is funded entirely through donations and fundraising activities!

Project Graduation is an alcohol & drug free celebration held the night of Graduation for all graduating seniors.  This year the graduating Class of 2017 has approximately 500 students.  We need to raise $ 50,000  to cover the expenses for this event.  Come out to a meeting to find out what we are all about and bring a friend!  We could use your help! Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior parents & guardians are WELCOME!

On behalf of Project Graduation we would like to thank you in advance for your continued support.

Please direct all comments, questions or concerns to

April Smitheman (856) 343-2696 or by email

What is Project Graduation?
Project Graduation is an all-night, alcohol and drug free celebration for the graduating class.

Why is it so important?
Graduates often 'party hop' in their efforts to celebrate with as many of their classmates as possible. Project Graduation provides a safe alternative to party hopping: it keeps all of the graduates off of the roads, prevents any of them from becoming an accident static and allows their parents to rest easy knowing their son/daughter is safely celebrating.

When and Where is it held?
The celebration begins at 10pm on the night of graduation, with check-in at the high school.  Williamstown High School will be holding their Project Graduation celebration at the Rowan University Recreation Center and will follow the nights activities up with a breakfast back at the high school. Parents are asked to pick their graduates up at approximately 6am, in the high school cafeteria.

Are all members of the graduating class eligible to attend?
Graduates must qualify to 'walk' in the graduation ceremony.

Why do graduates choose to attend Project Graduation?
There are numerous reasons why this celebration is so popular:    

  1. Every attending graduate receives a door prize worth a minimum value of $25

  2. Every attending graduate has a chance to win a a large cash prize, in addition to many other fabulous prizes

How does my senior sign up to attend?
Seniors, along with their parents, will receive an invitation to a special meeting. At this time reservations, along with a $10 reservation fee will be collected, along with signed permission forms. Both parents and prospective graduates will be told all of the details of the celebration at this meeting.

As the parent of one of this year's graduates, how will this affect my family celebration?
      If you are planning a family graduation party, it would be best to pick a day either a few days before or after graduation. There WILL be time between the ceremony and check-in at the high school for you and your family to take your graduate to dinner. (We suggest reservations for that evening.) Attendees do not have to be back at the high school until 10pm. Please keep in mind that your child will have been awake over 24 hours when you come to pick them up- our experience has proven that they are usually NOT ready for another graduation celebration on the day after graduation.


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