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 Administrators & Office Staff
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Position Extension
Kristy Baker Assistant Principal
Dina Deveney Head Teacher
Jeanne Leighton Secretary
Kim Losasso Secretarial Clerk 5000
Cheryl Laneader School Counselor


Teachers & Specialists


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Name Department Extension
Carr, Rebecca Kindergarten 5129
Kreuzer, Michele Kindergarten   5130
Butler Gayle First Grade  5128
Evans, Alisha First Grade  5107
Harrison, Julie First Grade 5132
Jones, Susan First Grade 5127
Snape, Jill First Grade 5106
Turchi,  Shannon First Grade  5133
Batchelor, Cheryl  Second Grade  5201
DeNobile, Melissa  Second Grade  5205
Drawdy, Deidre Second Grade  5202
Grayson, Victoria  Second Grade  5204
Seidenberg, Jennifer Second Grade  5206
Camerieri, Stacey  Third Grade  5229
Fohring, Kristine Third Grade 5232
Hackney, Kimberly Third Grade 5225
Trotter, Christine Third Grade  5230
Weber, Deborah Third Grade  5231
Boettcher, Rory Fourth Grade 5220
Froio, Kelly Fourth Grade 5236
Gethers, Pamela Fourth Grade  5221
Imbesi, Cheryl Fourth Grade 5235
McQuillan Bradley Fourth Grade  5237
Maxwell, Suzanne  Art  5208
Bonanni, Patricia  Basic Skills  5719
Dean, Faye  Basic Skills  5419
Hutchinson, Roseanne  Basic Skills  5038
Offenbacker, Karen  Basic Skills  5035
Parker, Christina Basic Skills/K 5134
Peterson, Joni Basic Skills 5210
Sheehan, Marleen Media Specialist 5004
Muhlbauer, Jeannie  Music  5117
Corbett, Cheryl  Nurse  5003
Camardo, Mark  Physical Education  5725
Ianacone, Gloria Physical Education  5726
Medlock, Caroline Resource Room 5230
Deveney, Dina Resource Room 5203
DiGerolamo, Dara Special Education 5131
Gallagher, Tracy Special Education/K 5418
Margraf, Heather  Special Education  5233
Martiello, Pamela  Special Education  5137
Mossbrucker, Penny Special Education 5234
Price, Ashley  Special Education  5227
Lancetta, Amy  Speech  5218
Fensch, Jessica  T.A.G 5209
Catania, Lori Technology 5111

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Name Position Extension
Allchin, Angie Paraprofessional  5800
Ambrosia, MaryLee Paraprofessional  
Baer, Margaret Paraprofessional  
Baresicana-Turmann, Margaret Paraprofessional  
Birney, Jennifer Paraprofessional  
Brophy. Heather Paraprofessional  
Carothers, Dolores Paraprofessional  
Crane, Debra Paraprofessional  
Gerhart, Crystal  Paraprofessional  5004
Ginther, Jane  Paraprofessional  5800
Jones, Judith Paraprofessional  5800
Kerbaugh, Sandra Paraprofessional  
Kurz, Tricia Paraprofessional  
Manganello, Laura Paraprofessional  
Muller, Karen  Paraprofessional  5800
O’Brien, Charlotte  Paraprofessional  5800
Pintozzi, Lisa  Paraprofessional  5002
Primo, Michelle Paraprofessional  
Scaravaglione, Dawn Paraprofessional  
Schiesser, Maggie Paraprofessional  
Williams, Dana  Paraprofessional  5800
Wynn, Roxanne  Paraprofessional  5800

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