Holly Glen's May Newsletter

Holly Glen's May Newsletter





Dear Parents and Guardians,



THE CHARACTER TRAIT FOR MAY is CITIZENSHIP and the quote for the month is:       

“Our country provides such tremendous opportunities and we should never take the privilege of our citizenship for granted.”  ~~~ Jane D. Hull


Congratulations to the following students who were honored as C.H.A.M.P.’s for the month of April 2018:  Gr. 1:  Ryan Heyer; Dominic Accoglio; Veronica Bishop; Sarah Zerbe; Kaiden Hogue; Jason Boyer; Gr. 2: Grace Festoff; Giuliana Rodriguez; Shayne Leary, Shelsy Quintana-Gonzalez; Anastasia Hallermeier;  Gr. 3: Lucie Jiang; Fatima Avendano; Angelina DiCiano; Kiera Allen; Summer Nitsche; Gr. 4: Savannah Wynn; Sanaiyah Kissoondath; Rosaleah Aguirre; Ava Gariffo, and Olivia Barry.


Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 -- May 11, 2018. On Tuesday, May 8th we will celebrate “National Teacher Appreciation Day.”  We would like to take this time to thank all our wonderful teachers for their hard work, dedication, generosity and untiring efforts to our students, school and community.


            “A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and

              patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams.”

                                                            ~~~ Author Unknown



“Good moms have sticky  floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles and

 happy kids!” ~~~~ Author unknown


PARCC testing is scheduled for grade 3 on May 7 – 8  in Math; grade 4 testing for ELA will take place on April 30 – May 2nd, and testing for Math on May 9-10.   Reminder:  if a student comes to school late they will not be permitted to go to the classroom if testing has begun.  Please make sure your child is on time and that your child has eaten breakfast and has adequate sleep the night before.


Kindergarten Screening will be administered to all incoming kindergarten students on June 7th, 8th and 11th.  Screening will take place in the Radix Gym.



H.S.A. News: The H.S.A.  monthly meeting will be scheduled for Monday, May 14th at 7:15 p.m. in the Radix Media Center – elections for all positions will be held and   babysitting will be provided.  The H.S.A. sponsored Holly Glen School Fair is scheduled for Monday, May 21st with a Rain Date of Tuesday, May 22nd.  The location of the Fair will be Radix Elementary School. Fair Day is a fun-filled day for students and staff.  In order to make this day a success, MANY volunteers are needed.  Whatever time you can spare, in the morning and/or afternoon, will be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to volunteer please contact any H.S.A member. Please refer to the Fair Day packet which was distributed to all students. Thank you for your support  





Stay active: get your children up off the sofa and moving around!! Keeping children active leads to so

many benefits, including:


  1. strong muscles and bones;
  2. weight control
  3. better sleep and positive attitudes


Itchy Red Eyes

            With the beginning of spring can come itchy, red and irritated eyes.  It is important to keep a lookout for signs and symptoms of pink eye.  So what exactly is pink eye?   Pinkeye is an eye infection (conjunctivitis) and  is common in young kids.  It’s usually contagious, and breakouts can sweep through preschools and playgrounds.  Even teens and adults can get pinkeye. It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the white part of the eye and the inner eyelids.  It’s a minor infection and although it might look bad, usually isn’t serious.  If you would like more information about pinkeye please check out the website https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/conjunctivitis.html?WT.ac=ctg#catsafe-play.


National School Nurse’s Day – Wednesday, May 9, 2018

 “School Nurses go above and beyond the call of duty, the first to work and the last to leave.”  ~~ Author Unknown

Thank you Mrs. Knight!


School Nutrition:  The Board of Education has adopted a School Nutrition and Wellness Policy as mandated by the State of New Jersey.  In keeping with this policy for parties and/or celebrations, we encourage contributions of healthy alternatives such as baked chips, pretzels (nut free), and fruits/vegetables instead of the standard fare of candy, cupcakes and sugar filled drinks.  For the elementary level the Administration is recommending for birthdays to find an alternate way of celebrating ~~ perhaps birthday pencils, read the class a story, make a craft ~ something for the class other than the traditional cupcakes. Please adhere to this policy and do not send cupcakes, munchkins or brownies in for your children’s birthday celebration.