June News From The Middle

June News From The Middle



JUNE 2018

EIGHTH GRADE PROMOTION PROMENADE - June 19, 2018 - The Promotion Ceremony for our 8th graders will take place on Tuesday, June 19, at 5:00 P.M.  Students will receive 10 family/friend tickets if the ceremony takes place on the football field and 3 tickets if it is housed at the WHS gym due to inclement weather.

This is a dress-up event. Students must dress appropriately for the Promotion Ceremony.  Boys must wear black pants and a white shirt.  Girls must wear white dresses, white and black dresses, or a white top with a black skirt or pants.


SIXTH GRADE TAG WAX MUSEUM - June 1, 2018 - On June 1, our sixth grade TAG students will be showcasing our annual Living Wax Museum at Williamstown Middle School during periods 2 – 3, approximately 8:45 – 10:30 AM for parents.

The 6th grade wax museum is an event not to be missed!  Please mark this date on your calendars and come out to join us to support these creative, hardworking students!


DRESS CODE -With the warmer weather also come issues with our approved dress code policy for students.  WMS maintains that there is a close relationship between the way a student dresses and his/her attitudes and behaviors in school.  We ask that parents guide their children in matters of dress and help students to select attire that is appropriate for the school atmosphere.  Sleeveless shirts, short shorts and skirts, tight-fitting spandex or yoga pants, and flipflops are NOT permitted.  When students decide to wear inappropriate clothing, valuable school time is lost because students cannot return to class until proper attire is found. The School Board authorizes building administrators to enforce the dress code policy as posed in our student agenda books. Thank you for your support!


PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS June 5, 2018 - If your schedule permits, please join us on Tuesday, June 5, at 1 PM, for our annual People’s Choice Awards in the WMS auditorium.  This event, where a teacher recognizes a student who has made a lasting impression on him/her, is heartwarming and certainly not one to be missed!


SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS - Summer assignment requirements are posted online on the Curriculum page and will go home with all students in June. All students incoming to grades 5-8 complete a summer reading book and are recommended to complete one hour of ALEKS weekly. All of these will be assessed upon students’ return to school in September.  Please contact your child’s CURRENT teacher if you should have any questions regarding these summer assignments.



The culminating social event for our 8th grade students is the WMS Eighth Grade Promotion Dance sponsored by the parent Grade 8 Dance Committee.  This year’s dance will take place on June 8 from 7-10 PM.  Students must be present in school all day on June 8, a shortened day, in order to attend the dance.

This is an opportunity for our students to enjoy one last middle school dance together.  Although the majority of our students consider this a semi-formal occasion, please remember that outfits must be carefully selected and middle school age appropriate. Girls may wear spaghetti or strapless dresses as long as they are tasteful. Students who wear revealing attire will not be admitted.  Spiked heels are not allowed for dancing as they damage the wood floors of our gymnasium.

This year students and parents must sign an eighth grade dance permission slip in order for students to purchase a ticket.  The permission slip clearly outlines guidelines of acceptable behavior.  Students who fail to adhere to behavior guidelines will face disciplinary consequences.  The Eighth Grade Dance is designed so that students may participate in good, clean fun while making lasting memories with their classmates.




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June 1 – June 7 –                              Final exams

June 1 -                                                                Fifth Grade Choir Trip – Clementon Park

June 1 -                                                                Sixth Grade Wax Museum

June 5 -                                                                Shortened Day – 12:44 Dismissal

June 5 -                                                                People’s Choice Awards – 1 PM

June 6 - Sixth Grade Orientation – Parents – 6:30 PM

June 7 - Carly Moffa Hometown Show – 7 PM at WMS

June 8 - Shortened Day – 12:25 Dismissal

June 8 - Senior Promenade

June 8 - Eighth Grade Dance – 7 PM

June 12 - It’s Been a Magical Year! – PTO Sponsored Assemblies

June 14 – 15  Shortened Days – 12:44 Dismissal

June 14 - Eighth Grade Leadership Workshop – A.K.U.F. – 1 PM

June 14 - Fifth Grade Fling

June 18-20 - Shortened Days – 12:44 Dismissal                                           

June 19 - Eighth Grade Promotion Promenade – 5 PM

June 20 - Eighth Grade Awards – Students – Last Day of School