Welcome from the Superintendent

Greetings from the Superintendent…

Our Monroe Township Public School District is a proud, high achieving extension of a community that has as excellent reputation of providing a thorough and efficient education for all students. During my tenure as Superintendent of Schools, I have been constantly impressed by the quality of teaching, the breadth of involvement, and the unmatched level of varied opportunities that are afforded to our students.

In Monroe Township our expectations are high, and our achievements are extensive. I am grateful for the support of a community that continues to champion our cause of providing excellence in education.

Take a few moments to look at the world through the eyes of a child…

  • We are preparing them for the world; that is an awesome challenge.
  • Theirs is a world that is surging and changing at an unprecedented pace.
  • Ours is the task of harnessing these innovations.
  • We are always focusing on learning.
  • We are pointing our students towards their many paths to success.
  • We have a commitment to our community.

The Monroe Township Public Schools are up to the challenge!

  • Our continued resources will sustain.
  • We display an immeasurable value of a Monroe Township Education.
  • Our quality personnel educate the whole child.
  • Our personalized instruction moves every child forward.
  • Our varied programming encompassed the passions and diversity of all children.
  • Our successful schools define the fabric of our community.

As a former teacher for thirteen years, a Coach, an Athletic Director/Activities Coordinator, an Assistant Principal, High School Principal, an Assistant Superintendent, and a Superintendent of Schools, I will never forget my “roots” as a teacher. To me, there is no better occupation that being a teacher and working with students in an academic and co-curricular setting every day. I have always believed that teaching is not a job, but a way of life. Monroe Township Public Schools are most fortunate to have such excellent, caring, capable, and committed teaching professionals. They continue to demonstrate dedication by giving every student an outstanding education. Our teachers are committed to their careers and to our students. I would like to share with you some important facts regarding our outstanding faculty employed by the Monroe Township Board of Education:

  • More than thirty-nine percent of our teachers hold Master’s Degrees.
  • All of our teachers are highly qualified with an average of 14 years’ experience in their fields.
  • Our teacher turnover rate is low. Many of our educators plan to retire from our school district.
  • We have many teachers that have voluntarily pursued advanced training in areas ranging from sensitivity, anti-bullying, CPR, and instructional strategies related to their content area and more.
  • Our teachers believe in making a difference every day. They volunteer as mentors, tutors, coaches and with other organizations in Monroe Township.
  • Many teachers donate their time before and after regular school hours to offer extra help to their students. This supports our students in maximizing academic achievement.
  • Of the 535 teachers employed in our district, one in every three lives in Monroe Township. Many of our teachers have lived here more than twelve years and graduated from Williamstown High School.

I will continue to communicate with all stakeholders in our community through our district website, letters sent home from our schools that are hand-carried by your children, media press releases and from our Global Connect Phone System. If we can be of any service to you at any time, please feel free to contact us at our Central Administrative Offices in the Maple Grove Administration Building.

Very truly yours,

Charles M. Earling, Superintendent of Schools

856-629-6400, ext. 1005