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T.A.G Program Overview

Monroe Township Public Schools is committed to providing our students the educational opportunities to develop their unique talents and help them become productive and engaged citizens. The T.A.G. (Talented & Gifted) program strives to provide a challenging curriculum, while enhancing the development of the talents of our students. Program content is addressed through a three pronged approach - student-centered program goals, educational needs, and collaborative planning. Our T.A.G. program is designed to provide students with a learning environment that helps students realize their potential, develop their unique talents and abilities, and encourages academic rigor. In our elementary program (K-4), students participate in a “pull-out” program once or twice a week depending upon their placement. They remain in their home schools. Educators, trained in instruction for gifted students, provide a curriculum that focus on communication, research skills, problem-solving and critical thinking. Once students reach the middle (5-8) and high school (9-12) levels, they may qualify for higher level classes in specific subject areas.

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New Jersey Resource Sheet

NJ Department of Education

David Greer
Office of Academics 609-376-9065

State Organization
New Jersey Association for Gifted Children (NJAGC)

P.O. Box 667
Mt. Laurel, NJ  08054
(856) 273-7530     (856) 829-5074 (fax)

The Gifted Child Clinic
Dr. Barbara Louis, PhD.
Robert Wood Johnson Professional Center
89 French Street
New Brunswick, NJ  08901

Johns Hopkins University
(CTY) Center for Talented Youth

College/University Resources Montclair State University
Aznir Haron, Acting Director
Academically Gifted/Talented Youth Program
Upper Montclair, NJ  07043
(973) 655-4104
Gifted Child Society, Inc.

D’Arcy Natale, Managing Director
190 Rock Road
Glen Rock, NJ  07452-1736
(201) 444-6530

POGO (Parents of Gifted Offspring) NJ Governor’s School
Rochelle Hendricks
Assistant Commissioner, NJDOE
District and School Improvement
(609) 292-4442


NJDOE Gifted and Talented


Donna Vaupel, President
president@njagc.org ucgta@hotmail.com

Elaine Mendelow, Immed. Past Pres.

Norine Greenhouse, Educator Chair

Lisa Rabke, Parent Chair

Roberta Braverman, Advocacy VP

Rose Cardona, Administrator


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